I'm So Very Glad You Exist


Illustration & Comics

My name is Moon, I'm a 23 year old queer artist from Mi'kma'ki. Most of my work surrounds my many interests and lived experience. I do not post regularly and I am unable to work on projects as of the moment due to chronic illness.

Meet The Puppets

"whats up with the horns?"

The characters i use as metaphorical puppets in my illustration work to explore personal themes

Moon, Ego

For me, the horns are a sign of personal rebellion from the status quo. I am neurodivergent - what this means for me, is that I have trouble communicating myself effectively, and i often feel there is a "barrier" that seperates me from normalcy in all aspects of my life, I often feel as though I am interacting with this world disguised as a human. It makes me uncomfortable to pretend to be human. But I've learned to live happily as a demon!

The Triad represented the classic structure of the human psyche proposed by Sigmund "Rolling In His Grave Every Time You Call Your Boyfriend Daddy" Freud, and while I dont actually believe in his theory, its an incredibly powerful storytelling metaphor. By using this structure I could begin to abstract my trauma and mental illness into my personal works.

Feta, ID

ID, a rounded, cartoonish figure with the body type of my own who is symbolic of myself in many ways. ID is visually coded much like a human woman, but her horns signify she is a ram. I myself am intersex, and find this to be the most comfortable way of expressing the way in which my sex correlates to my gender. ID is my worst impulses and my deepest devotions. ID also represents my experience as a survivor of childhood abuse, in where I felt like a frail sacrificial lamb while young, and in adulthood I am a ram who remembers the rituals.

Dust, Superego

Superego is a haunting figure, pale, eyes obscured by large red circle shades. she represents the ways in how I dress to attempt to fit in as a woman, a souless smile and never seemingly in scale of the rest of the crowd. Superego is logical, superego is moral, superego is the overseer. (see what im getting at?), superego represented both my wit, tact, talent, but also parrots the cruel "logic" of my former abusers. so often the superego can become loud. overbearing.

Using these two "puppets" I sew in a personal narrative and behind my theraputic art, and in this way i can work to not just create with emotion, but share the story of my emotion and being to my audience